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Multi topic podcast hitting on this things going on in society to the laid back relaxed day to day thing. Life in general is the topic. This will be fun. Support this podcast:

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When Has Owing Anyone Ever Been Good? Do WE Really Need Credit? PT.2

July 25, 2022

Guest Host and Co-host of "sister Talk with LTB" Te'Airra and I approach the topic from different angles. Couple tips on how to maintain financial freedom along with a few what not to do's. Ask yourself whether you want to b…

Be Confident While Changing Your Perspective

July 11, 2022

It all starts on day one. Our Legacy needs to understand what confidence "not to be confused with cocky" is. Changing your Perspective is only the beginning. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to …

When Has Owing Anyone Ever Been Good? Do WE Really Need Credit? PT.1

July 4, 2022

Guest Star and Co-Host of "Sister Talk with LTB" Te'Airra joins this episode and we engage in dialogue whether credit is worth it? The title speaks for itself. When your indebted to someone, your financial freedom as well as…

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Earth Day Poetry, Mein Kampf

Why do you rebuke me? Why do you neglect me? My cry is silent. My tears are dry. To the very center of your world; I bear it all. I expose myself to yo…

Earth Day

Thankful. The word doesn’t do it justice. But thankful. You give us our plants, you give us our animals, you give us our life. You Give, You Giv…

True Beauty

The blades are green and the sky is blue. The colors that reflect from the sea to the sky, they appease me, they calm me. As a child I did childish thing…