The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME


Multi topic podcast hitting on this things going on in society to the laid back relaxed day to day thing. Life in general is the topic. This will be fun. Support this podcast:



Nov. 17, 2022

Jail time at best…. Institutionalized by life. Freedom is a figment of the imagination. Speaking your mind leads to slander and defamation. No freedom of speech, no expression of character. Silence Is Golden   …


Nov. 16, 2022

Why do people give up? Why do people quit? Gone to soon is said way to often. Taken from us resonates. The gift of time only last so long Time is temporary. Time is granted. The path is rough, the path is tiring. Every …

What's Your Point Of No Return?

Nov. 5, 2022

The difference between 99% and 100% is 1% but that difference is all it takes to succeed or not to succeed. How bad do you want it? is it just a dream or can it become reality? Ge Focused and Get INTENSE Split post with "If…

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Life is jail time at is best. Taught to be institutionalized by the societal norms. Will it change?


Time is of the essence and waits on no man. Ball in your court.

Earth Day

Thankful. The word doesn’t do it justice. But thankful. You give us our plants, you give us our animals, you give us our life. You Give, You Giv…