The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME
Aug. 3, 2022

Earth Day


The word doesn’t do it justice. But thankful.

You give us our plants, you give us our animals, you give us our life.

You Give, You Give, You Give. We Take, We Take, We Take

Humans are so selfish, so unchanging, unmoving, and so uncaring.

The planet gives us its life. It’s body. It’s soul and all we do is use it and leave it. Use it and discard.

How can we be like this. How do we make a change, how do we make things happen?

Is it still possible to make a change? Is it to late? Did we neglect for to long are the tides reversible?


Mother Earth is what we call her. Is this how we treat her?

This is the way we treat others and things that are meant for our good

We treat them as if they aren’t necessary?

The lot of us. Not just one individual but all of us. You get out what you put in. This is something we have been told from elementary.

What are we doing to put back? We can plant trees, do things make flowers grows etc. small things. We can do those but what about the big things.

The good out way the bad? Are we planting more than we’re knocking down?

Mother Earth. If you were a person, the amount of sadness, the pain, the view of how we treat you. A level of unbearableness that’s possible unimaginable.

Mother Earth, My home, My Place of Birth.

You loved us before we loved you and your love is unchanging.

Before it’s to late.

We must give back and it Must be more than just

Earth Day.