The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME
March 16, 2022


What’s real don’t need to be said. 
Everyone can say it but how many understand it. 

Some people utter words that shouldn’t come to their lips. 
Constantly people are looking for, seeking for, hoping for the exact thing they aren’t even willing to give to others. 

How dare you?

You see me. You check for me. 
But you don’t care for me 

So many Queens.

Everywoman wants to be a Queen and that’s fine and I love it and it’s great.



Why don’t they have kings?

Unpopular opinion.

Your not a Queen.

Not really.


A Queen knows how to be a Queen it’s not a Title. 
It’s a lifestyle. 

You see him.
You build him up make him feel good.
Its 2 sides to the coin.
You want to be treated good right?  
You want to feel like a trophy right but what have you done to make him feel that way. 

You building him up or you using him?

You trying to grow or your there for what you can gain?

People want things they aren’t even willing to do themselves.

Grow Up.