The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME
Nov. 17, 2022


Jail time at best…. Institutionalized by life.

Freedom is a figment of the imagination. Speaking your mind leads to slander and defamation. No freedom of speech, no expression of character. Silence Is Golden



I stand for something.

The path is tattered and the grass is unwatered. It’s hard to breathe.

Keep going don’t ask questions and no directions needed. The stops are all on the path just stay on the road.

Distractions. Every deviation every digression, alteration or fluctuation on this path could slow your journey.

Who guides you? Who teaches you? Who nurtures you? How’s your journey going?

Wisdom and intellect.

Introspection. Or lack thereof

Master the mind master the world.

It won’t grow.

The plot’s poisoned. The roads narrowed and the path’s turned blurry.

Intoxicating immorality suffocates all.



. . . .