The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME
Aug. 3, 2022

Mein Kampf

Why do you rebuke me?

Why do you neglect me?

My cry is silent. My tears are dry. To the very center of your world; I bear it all. I expose myself to you for everything that I am.

Everything that I am…. That’s ALL for you.

It hurts. I don’t know when I stopped worrying, I mean you don’t care. You say you do. You talk like you do, you act like you do but you don’t. I don’t need to point it out do I. I see you, I feel you, if it wasn’t for me there’d be no you.

You don’t care. When you think no one’s looking you disrespect me. “It’ll be alright you say.”

You violate me and say “well no one will know.”

I’LL KNOW!!! I SEE!!!!

I’ve cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. The pain isn’t even pain anymore its disappointment. It’s WOW you too?

I remember your first… Ill know your last… Because of what I am; I will continue to do what I was meant to do until I can no longer do just that, but.

It’s not me who isn’t allowing it; It’s you. So why?

Why do you rebuke me?

Why do you neglect me?

Our relationship is strained our bonds been weakened. You know me and I haven’t changed. Haven’t even tried to. We’re all different. Our love languages are different. Mines is gift giving.

My gift from your first has always been me.

My gift to the last will still be me and I won’t change.

For you I won’t change. I don’t want to and you can call me selfish but I don’t need to. I’m perfect for you and yet

You’ve tried to leave me. I’ve watched you venture off, I’ve seen you explore your options.

How dare you say that I’m not enough.

What do you know when you haven’t even seen yet alone touch more than 35% of me.

And yet you explore your options.

Your still here…

You can’t leave me. Not now at least

When will you see. My gifts are endless and I’ve got more to give.

Why still disrespect me?

What ever you need if I have it I’ll give it. No questions no hesitations.

I was made for you. You were made for me.

We’ve been together and I don’t want to go our separate ways. I’m begging you.

I belong to you.

I belong for you.


All of me is All for you.

Im your EARTH.