The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME
Aug. 3, 2022

The Human Life Cycle Theory

Humans go through life in layers similar to butterflies.

Nourish yourself as an Insect.
Come to self while in your Cocoon.
Experience the world as a Butterfly.

What’s that sound like?

We equate that to Pre k then Middle School then High school

Toddler Teen Adult…

But what if the growth or the layers are similar in the sense of

Insect – Learning the world.
Cocoon – Realizing what works for you.
Butterfly – Fulfilling your destiny so to speak.

Each life has a beginning to an end and each life in itself has a butterfly effect because regardless of who you are famous or not everything you do has an altering effect on everyone’s reality.

Each life has a beginning and end. There is no taken to soon or before their time. We say that out of comfort but the cold reality is their buttery effect has ended.

The road is hard and the journey is rough. Not many will make it from Egg to Butterfly.

What are you learning while you learn the world? When do you realize what works for you? Your Destiny is Your life. You living life your way?