The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME
Nov. 16, 2022


Why do people give up?

Why do people quit?

Gone to soon is said way to often. Taken from us resonates.

The gift of time only last so long

Time is temporary. Time is granted.

The path is rough, the path is tiring. Every step and every breathe…. Right on Time.

Time is coming and its scarier than man.

Pick your path, pick a direction.

Your first breathe was a gift.

Your first breathe was the start of your clock.

Times running.

Time waits on no man. Are you watching the clock or are you in the game.

Run, walk, crawl but no time outs

Grind. Focus. Lock in. Get in tune.

This is your time, no pausing, no stopping; keep going this is your season.

The clock is ticking

Time is all you have, embody the moment.

Seize the opportunity, silver isn’t enough take the gold.

Time is clicking.

The race is not given to the swift or the strong but those who endure. Time and chance happens to them all.


Work. Effort. Passion. Grit. Faith.

Carpe Diem.