The Only Thing Stopping Me Is ME
Aug. 3, 2022

True Beauty

The blades are green and the sky is blue. The colors that reflect from the sea to the sky, they appease me, they calm me. As a child I did childish things as an adult I put away the childis… no. Nature still does it to me.

True beauty, natural beauty. That does it to me. In a natural form where humans have not tarnished the fields, plowed the lands, damaged the trees, just a good countryside drive with the windows down cruising around just admiring the beauty of the land. Therapeutic at its best.

This type of thing is unimaginable when not in a physical presence. This is the type of thing that’s true beauty. When dealing with things in life the weight of a situation is not the same as when in person or in flesh. True beauty.

The thing that keeps me childish. The thing that keeps me impressed intoxicated even; is nature. The mountain side, the beauty of the hills, trees and farmland. When you take a vacation you witness this. You see a perspective that’s different from what you see every single day. You see true beauty. You see nature at its finest unobstructed from the damaging hands of humans.

Something so beautiful something so magical and yet so simple so practical. Nature is beauty. Go to the countryside and wait til the night. Take a look at the stars, the wind is calming the breeze is relaxing, it’s quiet. It’s a picture without a photo.

What we are doing to the earth is not good. We are destroying our oceans and pillaging trees. The fight is one sided and Mother Earth doesn’t fight back. We gotta do better. We have to protect our planet.

We need to love our Earth.